Rudy Yu

Managing Principal

Career Summary

Rudy has over twenty two years in the construction and real estate industry. He received his professional training as an architect and has served as Director of Projects and Studio Director for several architecture firms prior to starting Ronin Project Consulting. Rudy also has experience working on the construction side of the industry, which has helped him to gain a deep understanding of project execution from initial design to final completion. In addition, Rudy also spent time with a well known large real estate firm as a Project Director in the Project Management Group. All of these combined experiences provide him with a diverse knowledge of construction and real estate development projects.

Rudy has completed projects from corporate offices to retail roll-outs and industrial production facilities. In addition to his management skills, Rudy has also studied design for the disabled and completed a thesis on an independant living center. He has also served as a design consultant for a high-end retirement complex.  Rudy's overall responsibility is to ensure that clients' interests are represented during all phases of the planning /design and construction process.

Notable projects prior to Ronin Project Consulting

Retail Projects / Roll Outs
  • General Motors Acceptance Corporations, Locations Varied (54 Total), Sizes Varied
  • Noah’s Bagels, Locations Varied (24 Total), Sizes Varied
  • Tiffany and Co., Beverly Hills, CA, 25,000 sq. ft.
Corporate Office Projects
  • Ziff Davis, San Francisco, CA 125,000 sf
  • Pitango Venture Capital, San Mateo, CA, 3,000 sf
  • Apex capital, San Francisco, CA, 1,500 sf
  • Greylock, San Mateo, CA, 20,800 sf
  • Atomica, San Mateo, CA, 20,000 sf
  • Softbank Emerging Markets, San Francisco, CA, 5,200 sf
  • ATI Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, Lobby Renovation
  • US Internetworking, Milpitas, CA, 20,000 sf
  • Baystar Capital, San Francisco, CA, 7,500 sf
  • Red Herring Communication, San Francisco, CA, Multiple Projects
  • Fort Point Partners, San Francisco, CA, 30,000 sf
  • Industry Standards, San Francisco, CA, 10,000 sf.
  • Personify, San Francisco, CA, 45,000 sf
Industrial / Manufacturing Projects
  • Media Arts Production Center, Morgan Hills, CA, 275,000 sf
  • Wells Fargo Call Center, Westlake, TX, 40,000 sf
  • North Star / Global Crossing Data Center, San Francisco, CA, 1,200 sf
  • Wells Fargo Operation / Data Center, Fremont, CA, 450,000 sf
  • ZD TV Television Studio, San Francisco, CA, 25,000 sf

Education : Texas Tech University, Bachelor of Architecture (Professional Degree)