Ronin Project Consulting, LLC - Fireman's Fund / Allianz  Insurance Co., NY

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, New York, NY

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company / Allianz Insurance Company


New York, New York


One Chase Manhattan Tower


48,000 sq.ft.




Huntsman Architectural Group, NY


Turner Construction

Project Background

Our goal was to consolidate their spaces and move them to a new expanded location, including providing furniture designed for their work function. The new location was the historic One Chase Manhattan Building in NYC. This project was to be under one master lease agreement, but the space needed to house both Fireman's Fund Insurance Company and its parent company Allianz. Each company needed to maintain their own separate entrances and individual design schemes.

Having to deal with the complexity of the union contractors in NYC, we enlisted help from the local project team to carefully select the vendors and closely monitor the project progress. We were able to deliver the project at 25 percent lower than the initial pricing estimation.

Services Provided

Project Management, Vendor Management / Bidding, Relocation and Move Management, Art Work Relocation, Decommission of Existing Site, Furniture Liquidation, Negotiation of direct purchase agreement for carpet.